Why Affinity Drinks?


As suppliers of ships and border stores, we offer a wide variety of liquors, wines and soft drinks, in order to satisfy the needs of duty-free establishments.


We supply, free of excise duties, beers, wines and spirits. We have stocks in the main tax warehouses in Europe.


We can supply any brand on the market, from the most commercial brands to ultra-premium, duty-free products.


We only sell to companies, not to individuals, if your order is large enough we can ship it to wherever you choose.

Our services


You can access prices from different countries through us.  

Tax deposit

We supply in bonded warehouse, duty free, you can have more goods for the same amount of money.


We will arrange delivery to the nearest bonded warehouse, port or border.


We have years of experience, do not hesitate to ask us any questions without obligation.


We deliver what you buy, send you pictures and guarantee the authenticity of the merchandise.


What will you find in
  • Good prices for leading brands of beverages and liquors for wholesalers. At three different rates: Duty Free, Peninsula and Canary Islands and delivered to our warehouse in Valencia.

  • The experience and knowledge of the people behind this. Highly trained and experienced people in cost management, in the search for opportunities and offers in the beverage sector, the import and export of spirits  and soft drinks, international logistics, administration, excise duties and finance.

  • We work to save the maximum costs, get the best prices, deliver beverage stocks with maximum efficiency and make your purchases successful. 

  • An efficient way to purchase drinks and manage your account, with online availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your billing history, orders, and so on.

  • We publish thousands of wholesale drink purchase offers with delivery of less than 1 month, all are different drink offers, since we only publish the best purchase opportunity for each reference after having studied the price of the national and international spirits market ..

    • We provide a lot of logistics information for each product so that you can move the stocks from your warehouse to another bonded warehouse, to the warehouse of your final customer or wherever you want. We provide weight in Kg per bottle, bottles per pallet, and so on...

    • We give you tax information on drinks in relation to excise taxes on alcohol, for each territory, Spain, the Canary Islands and Portugal and its EXCISE code in case you are going to move it to other destinations.

    • We ensure an accurate description of the product. So you have no doubts the products we are offering are authentic. We make an effort to keep the photos, EAN codes and descriptions of each drink up to date.

Affinity is a beverage ecommerce, specialized in the wholesale trade of spirits. More specifically, we are a B2B Ecommerce of alcoholic beverages in status T2 (EAD) and Duty Free or suspensive regime, that is, without having paid excise taxes on alcohol, can legally  transit and trade throughout the European Union.

To be able to operate you have to register, then we will contact you and open an account for you.

When we set a price, we calculate a volume of at least one pallet per reference.

We can work with less volume if the order in general makes sense.

  • Wight. The weight of the bottle, box and pallet is a  logistics weight, so it includes, apart from the bottle itself, the weight of the box and the wooden pallet, that is:

the weight of the bottle = is the weight of the pallet / bottles per pallet

Excise duties: paying the excise duties many times requires handling the bottles, opening the boxes, even the cases one by one. In the calculation of the excise duties of the drinks that need to be handled in order to put the seal, we have increased the price by €0.12, but it´s approximate and can very depending on the agreements with the bonded warehouse.

In the calculation of the excise duties of the drinks that do NOT need to be handled, this cost is not included as for example for vermouths or beers.

  •  Type:

REF = Refillable glass - Screw Cap(R)

NRF = NON-refillable glass - With dispenser (NR)

PET=  Plastic PET  


CAN = Lata

  • GBX

When GBX appears in the name of the drink, it means that it comes with the gift box.

When GBX does NOT appear in the name of the drink, it means that we are not aware if it comes with the case. Although sometimes it does come with a case, especially in the most expensive drinks where it is assumed that something very expensive has a case. If it is essential for you, we can check a specific item.

* We have collected and calculated data for many thousands of alcoholic drinks, with the highest accuracy and strictness, but if you see something that is not entirely correct please let us know and we will check it.

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